About Garvey Connelly

Don Garvey and Mike Connelly are forced to live in a secret underground city hidden beneath Philadelphia. Recruited by the mysterious Researchers while in (community) college, they spend their days staring into the mysterious Echo Rift.

What is the Echo Rift?

“Echo Rift” is a term that Mike and Don came up with to describe the slit between infinite dimensions that exists in and around our own. Their primary job is to peek through and document what they see in these other dimensions for the Researchers. As far as they know, it has no real name.

Who are the Researchers?

Good question. Neither Don nor Mike have ever seen them directly, all they know is that the Researchers are mysterious and paranoid, have the ability to provide views into other dimensions (via the Echo Rift), and care to have it documented.

Why are they studying the Echo Rift?

Who knows? The Researchers care, and that’s all that matters. Don and Mike recently began to wonder if the Researchers are really studying them and their coworkers.

Then how are they getting away with publicizing the Echo Rift in comics and websites and podcasts and stuff?

Don and Mike discovered that the Researchers have no concept or understanding of popular culture. The internet, comic books, movies, television, books, podcasts… they mean nothing to the Researchers. Plus the term Echo Rift is theirs, the Researchers aren’t exactly Googling the term looking for results.

Why take the risk?

Because what they see in the Echo Rift is so amazing, they must get the word out, primarily by making comics based on what they see in the Echo Rift, and via the Radio Free Echo Rift podcast. Besides… if you live under the threat of constant atomization long enough, you kind of get cold to it.

What is the Waiting Room?

Between shifts, Echo Rift Research Staff are required to spend 30 minutes in a confined space while the Echo Rift viewing room is prepared. Don and Mike discovered that they are unmonitored while in the Waiting Room, and decided to start recording the Radio Free Echo Rift podcast a couple of times a week while they wait.

Are they trapped in this city?

Though the duo are occasionally allowed to leave the underground city, they are monitored at all times, and are threatened with instant atomization if either are caught stepping out of line.

You’re making all of this up, aren’t you?

Nope. Listen to Radio Free Echo Rift to find out more.

Fine. What other stuff have Don and Mike done?

Don and Mike debuted their first self-published comic, Manhunt, at the 1994 Philadelphia Comic Con (as Borderline Personality Comics). Maybe someday those pages will find their way onto this site. Soon after, the two spent years designing t-shirts for Philadelphia designer Groovy Threads. In the late 90′s, Don and Mike applied their illustration talents to numerous role playing games, including the heavily illustrated Forge: Out of Chaos rpg from Basement Games.

In the 2000′s, Don and Mike turned their focus to writing and developed a number of screenplays.  In 2004 their screenplay for In Plain Sight was produced.

Who does what?

Broadly speaking, Don writes (except when Mike does) and Mike makes art (except when Don does).  So far no rule has proven absolutely true, which is why the pair operate professionally as “Garvey Connelly” – at the core, everything is made by both of them.

Don, caught posing at a disco, waiting for his favorite song to play.

Urban hillbilly Mike, taking a break from hunting the Jersey Devil.