Echo Rift Podcast 073: Rachel Rising by Terry Moore (Abstract Studios)

Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising and Larry Hama’s Justified Story

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The Radio Free Echo Rift podcast is your twice weekly resource for comics, movies, TV, and book reviews.  

This pirate pop-culture podcast is brought to you from deep beneath the city of Philadelphia!  We have thirty minutes to record each episode – if we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!


  • 00:30 – Intro
  • 01:52 – Letter: Supergods by Grant Morrison and the Marvel Comics the Untold Story by Sean Howe
  • 04:11 – Where was Mike all weekend?
  • 05:38 – Don was at The Comic Book Shop and has a great Larry Hama/Justified story to tell
  • 14:10 – Abstract Studios – Terry Moore
  • 15:12 – Rachel Rising Begins – Initial reaction, beautiful artwork
  • 21:01 – The magic of great writing and colorful characters
  • 25:12 – A supernatural story – witches and the angel of death
  • 29:58 – Outro



  • Mark Bellomo is not the Editor of GI Joe Volume 1, as described in the podcast.  He wrote the forward.

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