Echo Rift Podcast 114: Pacific Rim (2013)

The best of its kind – Pacific Rim blows us away!

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Echo Rift Podcast Episode 114: Pacific Rim

The Echo Rift podcast is your resource for comics, movies, TV, and book reviews.

This pirate pop-culture podcast is brought to you from deep beneath the city of Philadelphia!  When that buzzer goes off, we have five minutes to end transmission or we will be atomized for sure!


  • 00:24 – Intro to Pacific Rim [SPOILERS], Opening
  • 06:42 – Pacific Rim is about people, not Kaiju and Jaegers, Super colorful characters
  • 10:43 – Everything is named awesome, Shatterdome, Gipsy Danger, not Transformers
  • 14:30 – Attacking the breach, the various Jaegers, Storytelling
  • 20:50 – The story of the Scientists, Hannibal Chau, Not Cartoons Punching One Another
  • 28:16 – Letter: Pacific Rim Reactions, Unprovoked Speed Racer Attack


Pacific Rim Trailer

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