Echo Rift Podcast 046: Comics Roundtable – Marvel Now! Launch Titles

Will we give thanks for Marvel Now? Bendis/Immonen All New X-Men #1, Aaron/Ribic Thor God of Thunder #1 and Fraction/Bagley Fantastic Four #1 PLUS a look Popular Mechanics idea of the future!

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Radio Free Echo Rift is your the twice weekly Pirate Pop Culture Podcast brought to you from Deep Beneath the City of Philadelphia! We have thirty minutes to record each episode here in the confines of the Waiting Room – the only place our evil overlords, the Researchers, can’t monitor our activities. If we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!

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00:34: Intro
01:25: Popular Mechanics Future
05:46: All New X-Men #1 Brian Michael Bendis/ Stuart Immonen
07:14: All New X-Men Premise – Cyclops is Bent
09:15: X-Men – If we knew what we’d become…
10:32: X-Men – Playing on Cliches
11:36: Immonen’s art and Garcia’s colors
16:50: Thor God of Thunder #1 Jason Aaron/Esad Ribic/Dean White
18:22: Was Thor always this sophisticated?
19:10: Thor as Modern Serial Killer Story
22:34: Shakespearean aspect to Thor
26:05: Fantastic Four #1 Matt Fraction / Mark Bagley
29:44: Outro

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