Echo Rift Podcast 052: Die Hard (1988) and Lethal Weapon (1987) Christmas

We’re Christmas shopping and recording from a 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and taking an in depth look into two classic Christmas Movies: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. Join us!

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Radio Free Echo Rift is your the twice weekly Pirate Pop Culture Podcast brought to you from Deep Beneath the City of Philadelphia! We have thirty minutes to record each episode here in the confines of the Waiting Room – the only place our evil overlords, the Researchers, can’t monitor our activities. If we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!  from Don’s 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible.

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Download Episode 52: Car Talk Begins

00:34 – From Don’s 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible
01:11 – Invading the King of Prussia Mall
01:42 – Transpector Bowers has become a Problem
03:29 – Why is Mike in the Backseat?
04:57 – Defining Two Awesome Holiday Films
06:00 – Lethal Weapon and Die Hard are Seminal Character Films
06:36 – Jeb Stuart wrote Die Hard
07:38 – Shane Black wrote Lethal Weapon
09:14 – Introduction John McClane
11:14 – Introduction to Holly Generro McClane
12:20 – Introduction to Martin Riggs (He’s CRAZY!)
12:46 – Introduction to Roger Murtaugh
15:00 – John McClane is a Professional
17:21 – One of the reasons Die Hard 2 Fails
18:48 – Die Hard is about Sane People
20:20 – Michael Kaman Scores both Films
23:30 – Christmas Motifs in Die Hard and Lethal Weapon
24:38 – Richard Donner, John McTiernan, Jan DuBont (and Michael Bay)
26:23 – Lethal Weapon is THE Buddy Movie
28:49 – Die Hard is a Perfect Film
29:08 – Review Us on iTunes!

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