Echo Rift Podcast 064: Soundgarden King Animal Concert / Craft Beer Review

Ted joins us for a discussion of the Soundgarden show in Philadelphia 1/16/13 plus we spend time talking about BEER.

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The Radio Free Echo Rift podcast is your twice weekly resource for comics, movies, TV, and book reviews.  

This pirate pop-culture podcast is brought to you from deep beneath the city of Philadelphia!  We have thirty minutes to record each episode – if we were ever caught, we’d be atomized for sure!


  • 00:30 Intro
  • 01:30 Joined by Ted from the A/V Department, and his cart (Ted was previously on Episode 39: Season of the Witch)
  • 04:34 Ted is a Beer Guy, but not a Snob
  • 05:30 We saw Soundgarden at the Tower Theater, Live
  • 07:28 Concert Types: The Tough Customers
  • 10:27 Concert Types: The Couple
  • 11:58 Concert Types: Peter Jackson
  • 14:23 Caterwaul 2013 and Ben Shepherd (Bassist)
  • 16:05 Cornell (Rock God) gets Close
  • 20:30 NASCAR Style Drum Repair
  • 22:00 Audiences Today / Ben needs a Smoke
  • 27:28 Clean Cut Matt Cameron (Drummer) from Pearl Jam Returns
  • 28:36 Beer Talk Begins
  • 30:17 Talking about Wort
  • 30:55 Explain “Hoppy Beer”
  • 32:00 Anchor Steam Beers, Stouts
  • 35:00 Troegs Beers: Hop Wallop, Sunshine Pilsner, Mad Elf
  • 38:05 Yards Tavern Series Beers
  • 39:58 Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
  • 41:57 60, 90, and 120 minute IPAs
  • 44:35 What to Try – Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Blue Moon Brewing Company
  • 46:08 Try and Make a Batch of Beer (Northern Brewer)
  • 47:45 Outro


Soundgarden Been Away Too Long Video

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